UK is our new home by Jo

UK is our new home by Jo

What does your artwork mean to you?

I found out about the community during my time in Hong Kong where I was a member of the Filipino Migrant Association.

When you leave home and when you’re here, you meet the community and they became my second family. They are my chosen family. I dream to visit family. It’s been four years now and I haven't seen my daughters. It’s a migrant’s dream to be able to leave and work.

These photos are not just my friends, not just community, they are members of my family for me. Because I can rely on them for support and they’re always there. They are who I am with during the weekends, if there’s food we want to eat, we just get it together. Basta, masaya ako. Sobrang saya.

Everytime I'm with them, I’m not on my own, even though I’m not with my family back home. Despite all the problems, I have them to speak to about my problems and hardships that I can’t share with my family back home.

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