I live a life round the clock by Helen

I live a life round the clock by Helen

What does your artwork mean to you?

My artwork shows the cycle of my life. The top shows my status. The left side shows impact and activism. The right side is my job. The bottom shows campaigning and empowerment.

The whole piece is a clock - showing how my work and my life revolve around the clock. It’s a holistic view of my life: work, family, friends, campaigning, schedule. After work we talk to domestic workers and share how to rescue them. My life is nonstop.

As domestic workers we empower ourselves. Empowerment and knowng your rights is paired to show the other side of my life and my community. We contribute a lot to the society with our service and dedication. We work with our heart and soul. As a migrant I can say that we belong here because we help improve the economy and our make our employers feel secure. My life is here, so we must say that we belong here.

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