Beyond myself by Cielo

Beyond myself by Cielo

What does your artwork mean to you?

I made this artwork as an illustration of my life. Since June 2004, I’ve had this experience of rescuing 2 ladies from their abusive employers and since then I told myself - I didn’t know this was happening in London and there must be others who are in need of help. In 2005, I met 3 organisers and I joined them.

This artwork is part of my daily thoughts and feelings and story of the life of a foreign domestic worker in the UK. My story is the story of many others.

The sky portrays hope. This artwork is like a diary, that’s why i call it beyond myself. It’s not only for my own wellbeing but more for the wellbeing of others. Since that day of rescuing 2 ladies, I couldn’t rest. The following week I was able to rescue one more. It’s a journey, an escape, a rescue.

When they removed the concessions in 2012, I started drawing to spread awareness for domestic workers and to inspire others to do something together. When we do it together, we can do great things.

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