Belonging is power

Domestic workers are often isolated, underpaid, and made to feel like they don’t belong.

We’re building a community to change that, and we need your help. By standing together we can lift each other up, know that we belong, and claim what is ours. Because our place is here.


It's time we put the rights of domestic workers on the map

Unseen, we feel disconnected from our community. Alone, we can lose our sense of belonging. But together, we can understand and celebrate our identity- and we can lay claim to what is ours.

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Our Place Is Here Documentary, created in collaboration with director Tracy Kiryango and FDWA.

In 2012, the government revoked the Overseas Domestic Workers visa concession, removing the rights of domestic workers in the UK to change employers. This has increased their vulnerability to abuse, exploitation and reduced protection. Six women share their journey from the Philippines to the UK, how it’s affected their families back home, and the community they’ve created in the UK.

Who We Are

We're a coalition of charities and community groups putting the rights of migrant domestic workers firmly on the map. As well as the organisations listed here, we'd like to acknowledge the contribution of The Voice of Domestic Workers.

FDWA (Filipino Domestic Workers Association)

An organisation run by and for Filipino women working as domestic workers in the UK, formed in 2013 to campaign against the post-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker Visa.


Kanlungan Filipino Consortium is a London-based charity working to empower Filipino, East and Southeast Asian migrants, advocating for their rights and welfare since 1994.


A small London-based charity providing practical advice and support to, as well as campaigning with and for, the rights of UK migrant domestic workers.

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